Artikulation und Mundmotorik

A Comparison of Oral Motor and Production Training for Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Martina Breuer
Comparing Methods CCT.pdf
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Nonspeech Oral Motor Treatment Issues Related to Children With Developmental Speech Sound Disorders
Nicole Grubauer
Nonspeech Oral Motor Treatment.pdf
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Nonverbal Oro-Motor Exercises: Do They Really Work For Phonoarticulatory Difficulties?
Sabrina Schüttner
Nonverbal Oro-motor Exercises.pdf
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Effects of oral myofunctional therapy on swallowing and sibilant production
Linda Dick
Oral myofunctional therapy.pdf
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The role of strength training in speech sound disorders
Marlene Stöger
Strength Training Sound Disorders.pdf
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An Investigation of the Efficacy of Oral Myofunctional Therapy as a Precursor to Articulation Therapy for Pre-First Grade Children
Andrea Stöckl
Motor Exercises.pdf
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A preliminary investigation of the efficacy of oral motor exercises for children with mild articulation disorders
Joyce Dehinde
Efficacy of oral motor exercises articul
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Voice disorders in children with oral motor dysfunction: perceptual evaluation pre and post oral motor therapy
Joyce Dehinde
Voice disorders in children with oral mo
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Are Oral-Motor Exercises Useful in the Treamtment of Phonological/Articulatory Disorders?
Miriam Niel
Oral Motor Exercises.pdf
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