Teletherapie bei Dysphagie

The efficacy of telerehabilitation
in dysphagic patients: a systematic review

Efficacy of Telerehabilitation
Amelie Springer
Efficacy of Telerehabilitation.pdf
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Validation of a Novel Wearable Electromyography Patch for Monitoring Submental
Muscle Activity During Swallowing: A Randomized Crossover Trial

Electromyography Patch RCT
Laura Luna Heumann
Electromyography Patch RCT.pdf
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Management of Dysphagia in Nursing Homes During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Strategies and Experiences

Dysphagia during COVID-19
Laura Günther
Dysphagia during COVID-19.pdf
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Application of telepractice for head and neck cancer management

Telepractice cancer management
Laura Heumann
Telepractice cancer management.pdf
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Telehealth for Dysphagia Across the Life Span

Telehealth across life span
Laura Heumann
Telehealth for Dysphagia Across the Life
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Objective and Subjective Clinical Swallowing Outcomes via Telehealth

Swallowing Outcomes Telehealth
Laura Heumann
Objective and Subjective Clinical Swallo
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Establishing Clinical Swallowing Assessment Services via Telepractice

Swallowing Assessments Telepractice
Laura Heumann
Establishing Clinical Swallowing Assessm
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