Teletherapie mit Kindern

Delivering Quality Allied Health Services to Children with Complex Disability via Telepractice: Lessons Learned from Four Case Studies

Case Studies
Zusammenfassung von Lisa Künig
Case Studies.pdf
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Clinicians' Perspectives of Therapeutic Alliance in Face-to-Face and Telepractice Speech-Language Pathology Sessions

Clinician's Perspective
Zusammenfassung von Clara Bittner
Clinicians' Perspective.pdf
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Comparing Traditional and Tablet-Based Intervention for Children with Speech Sound Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Comparing Methods RCT
Zusammenfassung von Naja Novak
Comparing Methods RCT.pdf
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Comparing Traditional Service Delivery and Telepractice for Speech Sound Production Using a Functional Outcome Measure

Comparing Service Delivery
Zusammenfassung von Sara Koru
Comparing Service Delivery.pdf
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Computer Based Therapy for Childhood Speech Sound Disorders

Computer-based Therapy
Zusammenfassung von Lisa Koller
Computer-based Therapy.pdf
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Using Physical Objects With Young Children in 'Face-to-Face' And Telehealth Speech and Language Therapy

Physical Objects
Zusammenfassung von Marlene Minihofer
Physical Objects.pdf
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A Pilot Exploration of Speech Sound Disorder Intervention Delivered by Telehealth to School-Aged Children

Pilot Exploration
Zusammenfassung von Belinda Steurer
Pilot Exploration.pdf
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Professional Challenges in Computer-Assisted Speech Therapy 

Professional Challenges
Zusammenfassung von Lea Hannah Hoffmann
Professional Challenges.pdf
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Skype Me! Socially Contingent Help Toddlers Learn Language

Skype Me!
Zusammenfassung von Martina Faymann
Skype Me!.pdf
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Adoption of Telepractice for Speech-Language Services: A Statewide Perspectives

Statewide Perspective
Zusammenfassung von Patrizia Hipp
Statewide Perspective.pdf
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Results of a Survey Offering Clinical Insights into Speech-Language Pathology Telepractice Methods

Survey Telepractice
Zusammenfassung von Leoni Kutil
Survey Telepractice.pdf
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Speech-Language Pathology in Rural and Remote Educational Settings: Decreasing Service Inequities

Teletherapy Rural and Remote
Zusammenfassung von Nicola Löwenstein
Teletherapy Rural and Remote.pdf
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